7-7-2017..."Howdy Sam.   I hope you’re doing well.  I am.  I'm thinking your device has helped me with some remembering of things I just couldn't after my head trauma almost 10 yrs ago.  When recovering from the car crash most of my memory was intact. But much of the period of my high school days and even large portions of that time was lost.  Maybe it would have eventually come back.  But I'm thinking the flashing light helped to jar it to my present.  For me it seems to take my mind to a different time .... God Bless. Larry

6-29-17...“Hope you are well.   My husband seems more alert and aware of what is going on around him.  He is also doing more and initiating more processes.  It seems like he just is more awake. He is not routinely taking naps as much.  This is so awesome!!...Michelle”

6-1-17...“D is still showing progress in brain activityMore conversing and talking.  Seems part of brain is improving faster than other and is creating some agitation.  Realize it would be unrealistic to think she would transfer back to where she was 10 years ago!  Still so thrilled!... H”

“����  She sleeps well. She wakes sometimes early morning talking from a dream... but always smiling and happy. She doesn't remember the dream.  Thanks, my friend!!! ...H”

5-18-17...“Primary immediate benefit is that mom has slept great every single night that she’s used the light!  That is such a big change for her that she’s felt better and seemed clearer-headed just from not being tired.  I’ll be back to see her the end of July and give you a more complete update.  Thanks so much!...MJ”

5-15-17...“Got to see our Mom yesterday and the results of the light therapy were GREAT! She is sleeping thru the night now, MUCH more alert. If you get the chance, call Ed for more feedback about the light machine….. We were thrilled to see the results!!! ……..My older sis, Pol, and her husband were there also and they could tell the improvement!  A true gift. Ed has 2 physician buddies who have looked at the machine and all 3 are excited. Bill”

4-20-17...“Just 2 notes: 1. As you know, my brother Ed is using the light machine on our mom, and it had only been a couple of days, but I think I actually saw improvement. 2. I pray for you and your ministry every day. Keep up the great work!” Bill