VLED is  a wholly  owned  subsidary  of  Missing Link Technology, LLC (MLT).  MLT is a technology and product development enterprise to address the problems facing the world today; with a commitment to a better tomorrow.

MLT holds US and International rights to multiple patents, licenses, and proprietary processes in groundbreaking technologies.

In 2010, MLT preformed experiments where light intensities were varied from 10hz, 20hz, 40hz, and 80hz to, primarily, save energy during the photosynthetic process of algae production. What was revealed was that the algae culture did not die at a frequency of 20hz. This technology is Patent Pending and corroborates the work conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Picower Institue for Learning and Memory released in December 2016.

It appeared that the 20hz strobe effectively activated the production of lysosomes and peroxisomes in the algal cell, which are like microglia, thereby reducing or eliminated the algal “die off”.

Dr. Li-Huei Tsai’s lab at MIT has done a study completely with mice, her team found that flashing a light 40 times per second, (20 Hz), will reduced the amount of amyloid beta (protein that builds up in Alzheimer’s disease) the mouse’s brain.
See the  MIT youtube video.         https://youtu.be/O_p4QWkE2Ls